What are the characteristics of our Chocolates? Our Flavours

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Beatriz’s idea is very simple: to produce good chocolate at an even better price.

She carefully selects chocolate with character which has a striking and recognisable aroma.

The ingredients for the fillings are of the best quality and freshness with out any artificial flavourings, fragrance or colours. As a result the chocolates have a shelf life of six to eight weeks, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for her clients as they tell her the chocolates do not normally remain in the box uneaten for more than six to eight days!



  • Dark chocolate: A combination of cocoa beans from Africa produces with a quite bitter and intense taste, and aromas of jungle fruit, but not too complex, to be able to combine well with all our fillings. Minimum cocoa content of 72%.
  • Milk chocolate: Creamy with a subtle taste of caramel which combines well with our hazelnut, almond or peanut fillings. Minimum cocoa content of 33%.
  • White chocolate: A very baçanced taste of caramel and natural vanilla of the Bourbon type which combines well with soft fruit, ginger or mint. Minimum cocoa content of 29%.


ASSORTED CHCOLATE-Chocolates with fillings (10-12g each)
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  • Hazelnut cream and biscuit: this is a modern twist on the classic flavour of hazelnuts with biscuit crumbs bathed in white or milk chocolate.
  • Peanut Butter: one of the new additions to our range this is extremely popular. With a light flavour of coconut it is bathed in milk chocolate.
  • Coffee: a filling with the flavour and texture of coffee beans, it is an elegant and classic combination with dark chocolate.
  • Molasses&Gingerbread: savour the refined and subtle flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and treacle covered with dark chocolate.
  • Raspberry: raspberries grown in our area create a taste and smell for this filling which is instantly recognisable and delicious. Encased with white and dark chocolate.
  • Mint: the subtle flavour of mint is obtained with mint leaves and liqueur dipped in dark chocolate.

ASSORTED CHOCOLATE-Dark chocolate with seeds dried or crystallised fruits
Intense and piquant flavours which unite deliciously with dark chocolate.
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Rectangles of 10-12g each:

  • Roasted Almonds: a simple combination but always a winner with dark, milk or white chocolate.
  • Sesame Seeds: these little seeds create a special flavour when sprinkled onto dark or milk chocolate.
  • Sultanas: rectangles of dark chocolate mixed with plenty sultanas (raisins).
  • Fig Paste: very clear fig taste. A filling made without butter or milk products. Covered with dark chocolate.


Small pieces of 5-6g each

  • Pink peppercorns (dark)
  • Cranberries (dark or white)
  • Apricots (dark)
  • Crystallised orange (dark)
  • Crystallised ginger (dark)
  • Figs : deep in dark chocolate (variable weight, 8-15g)
  • Chili: very thin dark chocolate with lighy chilli taste which we only notice at the end.
  • Sea salt: difficult to imagine but pleasant contrast.
  • Three spices: dark chocolate with cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander, a subtle taste.


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  • Truffles: an experience of intense bitter dark chocolate that lingers in the mouth.
  • Rochers: with caramelized almonds and dark, milk or whit chocolate. They look like little rocks which explains the French name.

Chocolate Bars with or without dried fruits-Chocolate Bars of Dark Single Origin

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-Without fruits: dark single origin, milk or white chocolate (50g each).

We always have a supply of special dark chocolate from identified origins and of premium quality.


 -With roasted/dried fruits, dark or milk chocolate (variable weight, ~70g):

  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamias

Dark chocolate without sugar (sweetener taste: maltitol): bars, with or without dried fruits. We produce this chocolate in small quantities. Therefore, the diferent qualities are variable and not always on stock.


Moulded Chocolates
For children (or for the child in all of us!)
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  • Big letters  (100g) for great occasions
  • Hand formed hearts, with personalized texts (~120g each)
  • Chocolate lollipops, which can be personalized on demand (50-60g each)
  • Umbrellas (10g each)
  • Different forms and figures: animals, flowers, hearts, etc.,depending on stocks (small pieces, from ~10g)

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Other Products

(see the pictures)

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In our shop we serve also hot chocolate, tea or coffee as well as our highly appreciated "brownies".